What Is Jamble? A Beginner’s Guide

What Is Jamble?

Jamble is the Community to meet new people, discover common interests and find new friends, people with common interests and new connections. Have you ever wished you could use a website to make new friends and see where it goes?

Well, now you can! There are so many sites out there, where the chances of making real friends are pretty low. And lots of people actually want to use the Internet to meet new people, whom they can either hang out with or simply chat and learn more about one another. That’s why more and more community-like sites are popping up, designed precisely for people looking to expand their circle of friends and build really meaningful friendships. One of those sites is Jamble. Here’s all you need to know about it.

How to Use Jamble?

Using Jamble is incredibly simple. All you need to do is sign up for an account (you can sign up with Facebook too), create your profile, and start chatting. When completing your profile, make sure you add a profile photo, because you will increase your chances of finding people that you can really connect with. You should also include as many of your interests, hobbies, things you love (or don’t love) as you can, so that you can find people with common interests and a similar personality.

Jamble will make friend suggestions based on your location (you would need to enter your zip code) so that you can find a nearby person to connect to. However, you can also use an age range to narrow down your friend search and find someone close to your age. You can also take Jamble’s MatchPointQuiz, which uses a matching algorithm to help you find the best friend matches. It includes nine questions, which are scientifically proven to help you find the users who you are most likely to get along with.

Once you make a good friend on Jamble, you can add a little star icon on their profile to add them to your list of favorite friends. Everyone on your list of favorites can see your private photos, once you upload them. You also have an option to add a compliment to their profile.

Why You Should Start Using Jamble?

Making friends isn’t always easy. You may have a lot of acquaintances, but how many of them could you actually call a good friend? Maybe several, but maybe none. Maybe you still haven’t found that one person you instantly click with and are able to talk to for hours on end. It can be especially hard to find good and honest friends when you move to a new city, country, or even continent. You may feel isolated and alone, without a good friend to share ideas with, get advice, even talk about the weather – anything, really.

Yes, you can meet friends at parties, meetups, networking events, or any other kind of social gathering. You can meet them in cafés and restaurants, at concerts, or while waiting for a bus. But it takes time to really get to know someone and see whether or not you can actually get along. It takes time to build a solid friendship, and it’s especially difficult when a person actually wants more than to be just friends.

You could make a friend for life on Jamble. You could find exceptional friends and build a powerful support system around you, which is especially important if you’re far away from home. You could learn about new cultures and broaden your perspectives and interests. The sky really is the limit here.

You could find people who will be there for you in times of need, and vice versa. People who will really listen to you, without judging or having some ulterior motive for spending time with you. People who’ll care and appreciate you, and who will genuinely cherish every moment they spend chatting with you.

Again, if you’re from Germany, Jamble is a great choice, because lots of users are German. If you’ve just moved there, Jamble can help you meet the locals and get settled in your new home. Your new friends can help you learn more about their culture, and give you tips about the best places to visit around the country.

Are You Ready to Get Started with Jamble?

Are you intrigued by what Jamble has to offer? Would you like to make fun new friends online? There’s really no better place to do so online. Also, Jamble is absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose. You can only gain a lot, as you can enrich your life with many meaningful connections with people who can easily become your greatest friends.

So go ahead, give Jamble a try. Create an account today and start chatting. Your new best friend may be just a few clicks away.

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